The Sunday Class
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2011 June 26 th
Taught/practised on:
Devised by John Brenchley in 1989 and first danced at Fairbridge, near Pinjarra in south west Western Australia, it was originally published in the Swan River Selection (Western Australia RSCDS). The recommended tune is ‘The Lonach Gathering’ by David Gordon and there is a recording by Scottish Fare to accompany the original book.  There are 2 versions on the RSCDS Book 45 CD by George Meikle & the Lothian Scottish Dance Band.
THE FAIRBRIDGE REEL (R3x48)  John Brenchley  RSCDS Book 45  1- 8 2s petronella turn & set, all petronella turn & set  9-16 1s+3s dance RSh reel of 4 up/down ending with 1M+3L ½ turning RH to face opposite sides 17-24 2s+1M+3L set, dance RH across, 1M+3L ½ turn RH to face own sides while 2s set 25-32 2s+1M+3L dance RSh reel of 4 across, 1M+3L end in middle facing partners 33-40 1s & 3s set & ¾ turn RH to 1s facing up & 3s in 3 rd  place opposite sides, 1s lead up to top, cast on opposite sides & into middle 1M facing up & 1L facing down 41-48 1s circle 3H round to left (1M+2s & 1L+3s), 1M leads 2s down Ladies side as 1L leads 3s up Men’s side, all circle 6H round to left part way to own sides & set.  3 1 2