The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
EILEEN WATT’S REEL (R3x32)  John Wilkinson  1- 8 1s cross RH, cast 1 place, lead down LH crossing below 3s & cast up to 2 nd  place own side  9-16 2s & 3s petronella turn into middle & set, 1s petronella turn into middle (1L between 2s & 1M between 3s) & all set 17-24 2L+1L & 1M+3M (both couples dancing in tandem) dance an Alternating Tandem reel of 4 with 2M & 3L up/down (2M & 3L do not pass LSh at end of reel) & end Men face down, Ladies up 25-32 All chase clockwise ½ way to own sides & turn RH.  3 1 2
2010 April 11 th
Eileen Watt was on the staff at RSCDS headquarters for 17 years and ran the Summer School shop. In 2003 it was noted that she had the added distinction of being the only member of staff who dances! She retired in 2005 and there is also an Eileen Watt’s Strathspey devised by Lewis N Derrick in that year. John Wilkinson was Summer School director in 2007 (at least) and (January 2011) is Chairman Elect of the RSCDS.