The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
2010 March 28 th
THE EASTER EGG (J2x64)  Sq.Set Kathrine Burke  Belfast Book  1- 8 All circle 8H round & back  9-16 2s+4s dance R&L 17-24 1s+3s turn opposite partners RH (4 bars), 2s+4s repeat 25-32 1s+3s set, set turning inwards to face out & cast round corners back to place 33-40 2s+4s repeat bars 25-32 41-56 All dance full Schiehallion Reel 57-64 All join hands with 1s making an arch, 1L & 4M drop hands & 4M leads everyone under the arch back to places Repeat with 1s & 3s dancing bars 9-16 also 2s & 4s dancing bars 17-24 At end 4M can lead everyone on a merry dance!
Kathrine Burke is a teacher with Belfast RSCDS Branch who celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2008.