The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2016 February 7 th
THE DUNNINGTON STRATHSPEY   (S3x32)   Duncan  Brown  Dunnington Collection 1  1- 8 All Set+Link for 3 twice  9-16 2s followed by 1s dance double Fig of 8 round 3s to end (3)(1)(2) 17-28 3s+1s+2s dance 3 couple R&L 29-32 All set & cross RH  3 1 2
Dunnington,   a   village   about   4   miles   east   from   York   city   centre,   was   an Anglo-Saxon   settlement,   and   listed   in   the 1086   Domesday   Book   as   "Donniton",   which,   according   to   Mills,   translates   as   an   "estate   associated   with   a   man called Dun(n)a". The fields around the village became the country's major area for growing chicory. Between   1913   and   1926   Dunnington   was   served   by   passenger   trains   on   the   Derwent   Valley   Light   Railway,   and   the remaining    goods-only    railway    was    withdrawn    in    stages    following    the    Beeching    Act.    Steam    trains    ran    to Dunnington   on   this   line   between   1977   and   1979,   but   following   the   closure   of   a   crop   drying   facility   the   last   tracks covering the route to York via Murton and Osbaldwick were lifted.