The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2016 September 4 th
THE DOONHAMER DELIGHT (Rnx32) Cple facing cple R-the-R (M with L on R) Rachel Shankland (2014) RSCDS Book 50 (Spring Fling)  1- 4 Ladies   turn   1¼   RH   whilst   Men   dance   ¾   clockwise   to   all   finish   in partner’s place  5- 8 Men   turn   1¼   RH   whilst   Ladies   dance   ¾   clockwise   to   all   finish   in original places  9-12 All,   NHJ   with   partner,   set,   advancing   on   second   bar,   drop   hands   to join with other person, set, retiring on first bar 13-16 All dance RH across 17-20 All,   NHJ   with   ‘corner’,   set,   advancing   on   second   bar,   drop   hands   to join with partner, set, retiring on first bar 21-24 All dance LH across 25-28 All dance Do-Si-Do with ‘corner’ 29-32 All pass ‘corner’ RSh & dance to meet new couple
The title celebrates the deviser’s home town, Dumfries, where locals are referred to as Doonhamers. Dumfries   and   Galloway   is   famed   for   its   spectacular   countryside,   castles,   and   secluded   forests   -   and   it's   loved   by movie location scouts for the same reason. If   you   only   know   one   movie   shot   in   Dumfries   and   Galloway   then   it’s   most   likely   the   1973   cult   classic   “The   Wicker Man”   starring   Christopher   Lee   as   Lord   Summerisle.   Whithorn,   Creetown,   Gatehouse,   and   parts   of   Kirkcudbright all   feature   as   the   Scottish   island   village   where   police   sergeant   Edward   Woodward   is   sent   in   search   of   a   missing girl   whom   the   townsfolk   claim   never   existed.   The   movie   was   the   inspiration   for   the   music   festival   of   the   same name held at East Kirkcarswell, its main stage is called – Summerisle, of course! “The   Thirty   Nine   Steps”   (1978   version)   used   Morton   Castle   near   Thornhill   and   also   Kettleholm   Village   Hall   near Lockerbie. The   1996   action   adventure   “Mission:   Impossible”   has   a   cross-channel   railway   climax   which   took   six   weeks   to   film on   stretches   of   line   between   Kirkconnel   and   New   Cumnock,   and Annan   and   Dumfries.   It   infuriated   train   buffs   for lack   of   authenticity   and   Tom   cruise   didn’t   even   come   to   the   region,   most   of   the   action   was   filmed   on   a   stage against a digital screen. “A Shot at Glory” (2000) - A football film which used Palmerston Park as a back drop. Peter   Mullan’s   2002   drama   movie,   “The   Magdalene   Sisters”   set   in   Ireland   was   shot   entirely   on   location   in Dumfries and Galloway at the Benedictine Convent, Maxwell Street. “Outpost   “(2008)   and   its   2012   sequel   were   filmed   at   a   munitions   factory   in   Dalbeattie   and   in   a   forest   near   Castle Douglas. “The Decoy Bride” (2011) used Caerlaverock Castle. “Not Another Happy Ending” (2012) featured Upper Annandale and Moffat. Parts of the haunting 2014 film “Under the Skin” were shot in Mid and Upper Nithsdale.