The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 February 3 rd
THE CRAVEN TWELVESOME (R4x32)  Sq.Set  1 Man+2 Ladies per side Derek Haynes  Carnforth Collection 5  1- 8 All dance RSh reels of 3 with partners   9-16 All   Men   set,   ½   RH   across,   dance   out   thru   opposite   Ladies   &   cast   to right to middle of next side Ladies 17-24 Top   &   bottom   trios   (side   Men   with   new   partners)   advance,   Ladies ½   turn   2H   opposite   Lady   &   retire   with   new   partners,   side   trios repeat 25-32 All circle 12H round & back Repeat from new places & with new partners Note: The   men   progress   one   place   anti-clockwise   while   the   women   cross the set on each turn through.
Derek Haynes recommended the traditional tune The Moving Cloud for this dance or ‘alternatively, any good Reel could be used’.