The Sunday Class
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2011 June 26 th
Taught/practised on:
Definitely   the   most   picturesque   harbour   in   the   East   Neuk,   it   is   best   viewed   from   the   West   Braes,   as   you   come   in to   Crail   from   Anstruther.   This   delightful   harbour   dates   from   about   1500   and   was   enlarged   and   improved   in   the 19th   century.   Vessels   once   traded   from   here   with   the   Low   Countries   and   the   Baltic.   Surrounding   the   harbour   are houses   dating   back   to   the   17th   Century,   with   white   walls   and   red   pan   tiled   roofs.   One   of   these   used   to   be   the customs   house   and   on   the   side   has   a   plaque   bearing   the   town   arms.   The   harbour   has   even   been   recreated   in   a detailed scaled model in Lego Land! In   the   harbour   are   a   few   small   boats   that   go   partan   (edible   crabs)   and   lobster   fishing,   which   are   sold   at   the harbour and at the various fish merchants and sheds throughout the East Neuk villages. The   Tower   Collection   is   a   book   of   10   dances   all   by   Arnold   Grimes   and   the   recommended   music   for   this   dance   is ‘Ballochmyle Brig’. (Colin Dewar plays it as the lead tune for Kinfauns Castle  S5x32).
CRAIL HARBOUR (S3x32)  Arnold Grimes  Tower Collection  1- 8 1s   cross   RH    while   2s+3s   dance   RH   across   ½   way,   all   set,   1s+3s   dance ½ RH across  while 2s cross RH & all set  9-16 3s+1s+2s   dance   reels   of   3   on   sides   with   1s   crossing   up   to   dance   ½ reel   on   opposite   side   &   cross   down   to   own   sides   to   end   ½   reel   on own side 17-24 1s   ¾   turn   LH   to   dance   out   ends   &   cast   left   back   to   2 nd    place,   1s change   places   diagonally   with   person   to   Right,   centre   couple   change places diagonally with person to Left 25-32 All   chase   clockwise   to   own   sides,   cross   RH   (with   partner),   set   &   cross back  3 1 2