The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
THE CORIAN STRATHSPEY (S3x32) Maurice Whitby  RSCDS Book 43  1- 8 1M+2L   turn   RH   1½   times    while   partners   dance   round   anticlockwise ½ way, 1s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 3s  (2) 1 3   9-16 1L+3M    turn    LH    1½    times     while    partners    dance    round    clockwise ½ way, 3s dance ½ Fig of 8 round 2s  (2) 3 (1) 17-24 2s+3s+1s   set,   3s   petronella   turn   to   3L   between   2s   facing   down   &   3M between 1s facing up, all Set+Link for 3 once  2 3 1 25-32 3s   dance   RH   across   (Lady   with   2s   &   Man   with   1s),   3s   pass   RSh   & dance LH across with other couples to end  2 3 1
2010 August 8 th
Once   upon   a   time,   as   all   good   stories   begin,   there   was   a   young   Scottish   dancer   called   Corrie   who   met   a   young   lad called   Ian   at   dancing   classes.   In   honour   of   their   marriage   in   Montreal   in   1995,   a   friend   of   theirs,   Maurice   Whitby, devised this special dance. Years   later,   in   recognition   of   his   services   to   the   cause   of   Scottish   Country   Dancing,   Maurice   was   presented   with   a silver   Loving   Cup   or   Quaich.   When   Maurice   died,   and   his   family   from   England   closed   up   his   home   in   Canada,   they found   the   Quaich.   Now   the   famly   were   not   dancers   but   they   lived   in   Peckleton   and   were   great   friends   of Margaret   &   Brian   Crosbie   who   danced   at   Leicester.   So,   knowing   of   the   dancing   link,   Maurice’s   family   gifted   the Quaich to Margaret, who in turn gifted it to the Leicester RSCDS Branch. And the story of the Leicester Annual Quaich Quiz is another story ........