The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 June 28 th
THE COOPER CHILDREN  (J8x40 in 10 bar phrases)   Hugh Porteous  Leeds Golden Collection   1-10 All dance 10 bar Snowball Chain:- `1s cross RH & change places LH on side with 2s `1s change places RH with 3s while 2s cross over RH `1s cross LH while 2s & 3s change places LH.  `1s change places RH with 2s while 3s cross over RH (3) 1 (2) 11-20 1s   turn   LH,   1s   turn   3 rd    corner   (position)   RH,   pass   RSh,   1s   turn   4 th   corner (position) RH, pass RSh to face 1 st   corner (position) 21-24 1M dances RH across with 2s as 1L dances RH across with 3s 25-26 1s ½ turn LH 27-30 1M   dances   RH   across   with   3s   as   1L   dances   RH   across   with   2s,   1s   end 2 nd  place opposite sides 31-38 1s   cross   RH   &   cast   to   right   as   3s   &   2s   set   &   cross   RH,   1s   cross   RH up/down   centre   &   cast   to   2 nd    places   as   3s   &   2s   set   on   sides   &   change places RH 39-40 All set
Another dance for the Wee Cooper o’ Fife’s family!