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CITY OF BELFAST (S3x32) Lucy Mulholland  Belfast Diamond Jubilee & RSCDS Book 48   1- 8 1s   ½   fig   of   8   round   2s,   1s   turn   2s   1¼   times   (1s   passing   thru   the middle - 1L/2M RH, 1M/2L LH) to end 1s back to back   9-16 1s   &   2s   reel   of   4   across   ending   with   2s   end   in   1 st    place   and   1s   facing 1 st  corners 17-24 1s   set   to   1 st    corners   then   to   2 nd    corners,   ending   between   corners,   all set, 1s cross RH 25-32 1s & 3s dance the Espagnole to end 2 3 1
The   Belfast   RSCDS   Branch   celebrated   its   Diamond   Jubilee   in   2006.   During   its   anniversary   year   members   held   a competition to “Devise a Dance” in celebration of this milestone. This   winning   dance   was   first   demonstrated   at   the   Anniversary   Ball   in   Belfast   City   Hall,   accompanied   by   Marian Anderson who composed the original tune, which she has named “The City of Belfast”. This   dance,   and   the   others   submitted,   are   published   in   a   book   with   an   accompanying   CD   by   Marian   Anderson’s Band ( available here! ) and “City of Belfast” was selected by the RSCDS for inclusion in Book 48.