The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2017 January 8 th February 5 th
CELTIC SQUARE  (M-(S64+R64))  Sq.set Brian Charlton (2001)   1- 8 All    Men    dance    Fig    of    8    round    partner    &    corner,    passing    behind partner (LSh) to start, finishing B-to-B in centre facing partner  9-24 All dance Double Celtic Reels 25-28 All   Men   dance   out,   taking   partner   by   RH,   then   promenade   one   place clockwise 29-32 All Ladies dance RH Across 33-40 All Grand Chain ½ way 41-48 All dance interlocking reels of 4, beginning RSh to partner 49-56 All Grand Chain ½ way 57-64 All Circle 8H round & back Repeat in reel time from new position
This   dance   arose   from   dancing   The   Celtic   Reel    by   Barry   Skelton   and   the   idea   that   the   ‘Celtic   reel’   could   well   be done   in   a   square   set   with   all   four   couples   dancing   the   reel   together.   Other   movements   were   added,   each   with celtic   patterns   in   mind.   The   dance   was   used   as   the   theme   dance   for   the   27 th   Australian   Winter   School   in   Sydney July 6-13 th  2002, which had a Celtic theme. The   dance   was   published   in   the   Sydney   50 th   Anniversary   (2002)   Book   of   Dances   and   subsequently   by   Brian   himself in his Waratah Collection.