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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2015 February 1 st
BURNS BICENTENARY STRATHSPEY  (S4x32) 3s & 4s on opposite sides John Drewry  Bankhead Book 6  1- 8 1s+2s also 3s+4s circle 4H to left & Set+Link on sides  9-16 All dance RSh reel of 4 on sides 17-24 1M+4L & 4M+1L dance Ladies’ Chain (end facing in promenade hold) 25-32 1M+4L & 4M+1L Promenade across (Men passing LSh), 4s dance up between 2s & cast to 2 nd  places while 1s dance down & cast to 3 rd   places
John   Drewry   devised   this   dance,   at   the   request   of   the Ayr   RSCDS   Branch,   in   November   1995   to   commemorate   the 200 th  anniversary of the death of Robert Burns. In   the   Bankhead   Book   6   in   which   he   published   it,   he   gives   the   recommended   tune   as   “Of A’   the Airts   the   Wind   Can Blaw”,   and   states   that   3 rd    and   4 th    couples   start   on   opposite   sides.   (John   varied   his   opinion   on   whether   there should   be   two   chords   to   begin   such   dances,   and   he   certainly   does   not   specify   here   that   two   chords   are necessary.)