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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on:
BONNIE ANNE (J96) MacNab Dances 2  1-16 All dance petronella round back to places 17-32 1L sets adv to 1M & turns 2H, repeat with 2M, 3M & 4M, as 2L, 3L & 4L dance up 1 place & repeat at 2 bar intervals until Ladies are on Men’s side 33-40 1L followed by 2L, 3L & 4L weave 'out & in' on Men’s side till 1L+2L are between 1M+2M & 3L+4L between 3M+4M, all dance across to place 41-48 All set twice to partners & turn RH into Allemande hold in centre 49-64 Each couple in turn sets advancing/turning to form a square set, 1s to 1 st  place facing down, 2s to 4 th  place, 3s to 2 nd  place & 4s to 3 rd   place 65-72 Ladies continue setting while Men set dancing in & turning to face partner & 1M & 4M set twice facing partner as 2M & 3M set once & dance clockwise to face 1M/4M forming a line in centre for reel of 4 (2 1 4 3) 73-80 Ladies set while Men dance reel of 4 & end facing partners 81-88 All set twice & turn 2H into longwise positions 89-96 1s+2s also 3s+4s dance Poussette right round
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