The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 June 28th
THE BLUE LIGHTS OF PIZZA EXPRESS  (S4x32) Sq. set Kirsten Ferguson  Aurora 2nd Book of SCDs  1- 4 All circle 8H left ½ way  5- 8 Giving RH to partner to start, dance ½ Grand Chain back to original places  9-16 All dance a Circular Knot: `Turn partner 1¼ RH into promenade* hold, facing anti-clockwise, men in centre `Progress one place (¼ way) round set `Turn 1¼ LH, to finish Men facing out, Ladies facing in 17-20 Ladies dance RH across whilst Men chase anti-clockwise ½ way 21-24 Passing LSh, Men dance LH across whilst Ladies chase clockwise ½ way 25-26 Passing RSh, Ladies dance ½ RH across whilst Men chase clockwise one place (¼ way) 27-28 1M+2L, 2M+3L, 3M+4L, 4M+1L turn LH 29-30 Ladies dance ½ RH across whilst Men chase clockwise one place (¼ way) 31-32 2M+4L, 3M+1L, 4M+2L, 1M+3L turn ¾ LH to finish with new partner in new position Note: *The original published instructions for this dance specify “promenade” hold though a Knot is usually danced using allemande hold, so this could be a typographical error - or maybe (k)not!
Devised by Kirsten Ferguson, who was asked for directions to a restaurant during the 2008 Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival in Sheffield. Friends were told to look for “The Blue Lights of Pizza Express” as their rendezvous point, and having enjoyed a very good pizza, Kirsten wrote this dance!
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