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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on:
BEST SET IN THE HALL (J8x32) Helen Greenwood (2003)  RSCDS Book 46 1-8  1C set, 1L (1M follows) casts off 2 places, (2C step up) 1L crosses the set & dances up behind 3M, and 1M dances up the middle, to face 1 st corners 9-16  1C set to 1 st  corner, cast RSh round each other to 3 rd  corner position whilst 1 st  corners dance into centre, and swivel R to face own place, Repeat so 1 st  corners finish in exchanged places, and 1C facing 2 nd corners 17-24  Repeat with 2 nd  corners (3) (1) (2) 25-32  All chase clockwise ½ way round, all turn RH (2 1 3)
Devised by Helen Greenwood for Campbell Mackay of Auckland who, when counting lines, encourages dancers to make up numbers by joining the ‘best set in the hall’. The dance is now sometimes referred to as The Pantomime Dance (It’s behind you!)! :-) Note: the movement in bars 9-24 was devised by the late Alec Hay.