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The Sunday Class
Taught/practised on: 2013 July 14 th 2016 April 17 th
BARRY & DOREEN’S CONTINENTAL CAPERS (R4x32) Paula Dyke (2013) TSC CD1 3s & 4s on opposite sides  1- 8 1s set advancing & turn 2H to face down & give nearer hand to 2s (2s face up), 1s+2s set & 1s turn 2s on sides with nearer hand to finish in line across facing down whilst 4s dance similarly with 3s to finish facing up  9-10 All set 11-16  1s & 4s change places RH, cast behind 2s & 3s, pass partner RSh to face corner (4M facing 2M, 4L facing 2L, 1L facing 3L, 1M facing 3M) on the diagonal 17-24 All dance (RSh) interlocking diagonal reels of 4 to end on sides 2 4(1)(3) 25-32 All dance reels of 4 on sides, 4s & 1s giving RSh to corners, 4s & 1s passing RSh on bar 32 to end 2 4(1)(3)
Devised by Paula Dyke in appreciation of Overseas Scottish Country Dancing Holidays arranged by Barry & Doreen Steele with Helen Thompson. The tune of the same name was written for Barry & Doreen by Marian Anderson who performed it for them at the end of their last (15 th ) holiday in Fuerteventura in March 2013. Instructions are included within the CD by Marian Anderson & her Band to accompany TSC Dance Book 1.