The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 November 3 rd November 24 th 2014 April 6 th
AUTUMN IN APPIN (S4x32) 3s & 4s on opposite sides John Drewry RSCDS Book 31 1- 8 2s+3s Petronella into centre & set to partner (Men BtoB), 2s+3s ¾ turn partner RH & dance ½RH across to change places & end with other partner in promenade hold (3L+2M facing Men’s side & 2L+3M facing Ladies’ side) 9-10 1s & 4s Petronella into centre whilst 2M+3L dance out & up on Men’s side & 2L+3M dance out & down on Ladies’ side 11-12 1s & 4s set to partner whilst 2M+3L/2L+3M cross to other side passing between 'gates' (1s & 4s) 13-14 1s & 4s ½ turn RH into prom hold (1s facing Ladies’ side & 4s facing Men’s side) whilst 2M+3L/2L+3M dance down/up sides 15-16 All Promenade clockwise one place to end in square set: - 1s on Ladies’ side facing in 4s on Men’s side facing in, 2M+3L in 4 th  place facing up 2L+3M in 1 st  place facing down 17-24 1s+4s dance ½ Ladies’ Chain, 2s+3s dance ½ Men’s Chain (2s & 3s ending with Lady on Man’s left) 25-32 All set in square set & circle 8H round to left, dance into centre, turn right & spiral out to own side lines ending 2 4 1 3
This dance was published by the RSCDS in their Diamond Jubilee Book (1983). Mrs Ysobel Stewart of Fasnacloich (in Appin) was a founding member of the (R)SCDS and when Marie Jamieson of London went to her memorial service, she suggested to John Drewry that “Autumn in Appin” would be a good title for a dance. It was several years later, in 1982, that her suggestion resulted in this dance.