The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 May 12 th August 11 th 2014 August 31 st 2015 January 4 th
AUDREY & PETER'S JUBILEE (S3x48) John Brenchley  1- 4 1s turn RH & cast off, 2s step up on bars 3&4  5- 8 1M dances ½ fig. of 8 round 3s (pass 3L LSh) as 1L dances ½ fig. of 8 round 2s (pass 2M LSh), whilst 2s & 3s set & cross RH, to end (2)(1)(3)    9-12 1s turn 1¾ LH to face 4 th  corner position (1L facing 2M & 1M facing 3L) 13-16 1s ½ turn corner RH, 2M+3L turn 1¼ LH to face partners (in 1 st  corner positions) 17-20 2s & 3s ½ turn RH, 2L+3M turn 1¼ LH to face 1s (in 2 nd  corner positions) 21-24 3M+1L & 2L+1M ½ turn RH, 1s turn LH to finish 1L between 2M & 3M, 1M between 2L & 3L, in lines across facing 25-32 Joining hands all set, dance 6 bar RSh reels of 3 across, 2s & 3s end reel by dancing loops on the corners 33-40 All dance 6 bar LSh reels of 3 on the sides, finishing in lines of three across as at bar 24, joining hands all set 41-48 All dance 6H round to left to finish 3(1)2, 1s turn 1½ RH
Devised by John Brenchley and presented to Audrey and Peter Saunders on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Marian Anderson has recorded her own tune for this dance on The Other Kangaroo Paw CD, released in September 2013.