The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2015 January 18 th February 1 st March 8 th March 22 nd May 17 th
THE ANNE ARCHDEACON REEL  (R4x40) Francis Walduck  The Other Kangaroo Paw  1- 4 1M, 2L, 3M & 4L dance across set, pass partner RSh & cast right to beside partner (1M & 2L, also 3M & 4L have changed places)  5- 8 All cross RH with dancer opposite, all set  9-16 1L, 2M, 3L & 4M repeat 1– 8 to finish (2)(1)(4)(3) 17-20 1s & 4s, NHJ, dance out through ends & cast back to 2 nd  & 3 rd   positions 21-24 1s+4s cross RH & dance ½ RH across to (2)(4)(1)(3) 25-32 All set and dance La Baratte: 27-28 Cross RH with partner, retaining hold at full stretch 29-30 All return along same path (Lady pulls RSh back to dance under Man’s right  arm with her back to him) as they join LH just above shoulder height (Man directly behind Lady, both hands momentarily joined), release RH & Lady dances under Man’s  left arm (again pulling RSh back) & retain hold of left hands 31-32 Change places with partner LH & face out anti-clockwise 33-40 All chase anti-clockwise half way round set, all take hands & circle R to finish 2 4 1 3
Spetember 2011: This dance was devised to mark the occasion of the presentation of the Society’s “Scroll” to Anne Archdeacon for her work in the development and continued growth of Scottish Country Dancing in Far North Queensland.