The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on:
ANGUS MACLEOD	(R2x64) 	Alex T Queen  Dances of an Island Clan   1- 8	2s+3s dance into centre & face diagonally in & all set, turn R about to face corners, change places passing RSh with corners & setturning R about   9-16	Corners dance out as 2s+3s dance into centre passing RSh & all set, 2s+3s turn R about & turn corners RH once back to centre  17-32	2s+3s LH across once round to face corners, all dance double diagonal reels of 4 giving LH in centre, corners end in original places  33-40	2s+3s change places with partners LH to face partners corner & set, all turn corner with nearer hand (2s+3s dance out ends & cast back to centre)  41-48	2s+3s face diagonally in, Set & Points twice  49-56	2s+3s dance out own ends & cast (individually) back into middle again to Set & Points  57-64	2s+3s dance out opposite ends (3s making an arch), couples cast round left corner & dance out other end while corners step up/down  2 1 4 3
Alex T. Queen is the father of David Queen, the fiddler in the Scottish Measure SCD Band.
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