The Sunday Class
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AMANDA’S BIRTHDAY DANCE  (S4x40) Francis Walduck (Nov 2015)  1- 4 1s+2s & 3s+4s Set & Link  5- 8 2s+1s & 4s+3s circle 4H left to finish on sides  9-16 1s+4s dance the Rose Progression*:   1- 2 1L & 4M change places RH & face out as 1M & 4L set to each other on diagonal 3- 4 1M & 4L ½ turn 2H to face each other in centre as 1L & 4M dance up or down sides to partner’s original place 5- 6 1M & 4L cast Right & dance into 4L’s place & 1M’s place respectively as 1L & 4M ½ turn 2H to face each other in centre 7- 8 1L & 4M cast Right & dance into 4L’s place & 1M’s place respectively as 1M & 4L dance across set into 4M’s place & 1L’s place respectively (1M & 4L stay facing out) Now in the order 2 4 1 3 17-24 All dance LSh reels of 4 on sides 25-32 All take hands on sides & set, all turn partner 2H 1½ times to face in centre, all pass partner RSh & dance out to own sides 33-40 All circle to left for 4 steps, drop hands, pivot to face anticlockwise & dance back to own sides
*The   Rose   Progression   was   devised   by   Rod   Downey,   New   Zealand,   and   he   specifies   that   the   figure   be   danced   in   as round a shape as possible. Devised   by   Francis   Walduck,   Queensland   Branch   RSCDS,   Brisbane,   November   2015,   for   Amanda   Peart   celebrating her 60th year, 2016. Thanks to Amanda for her love and advancement of Scottish Country Dancing. I   was   deeply   honoured   to   receive   this   dance   from   Francis   -   at   Christmas   time   2015   as   he   was   unsure   of   when   my birthday   actually   was.      Sadly   Francis   died   just   a   week   after   my   birthday   in   June,   the   day   before   Peterborough &   District   RSCDS   Branch   held   a   celebratory   Dance   for   me,   when   this   dance   was,   of   course,   on   the   programme,   so I was unable to tell him how much we all enjoyed dancing it.
Taught/practised on: 2016 January 10 th May 22 nd July 24 th