The Sunday Class
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Taught/practised on: 2013 January 6 th
A 60 TH  CELEBRATION (S3x32) Anne Thorn (Helensburgh SCDC April 2009) 1 st  & 3 rd  couples as in a square set, 2M in 2 nd  place, 2L in 4 th  place  1- 8 All petronella one place to the right, set, petronella one place to the right, set, finishing opposite original place  9-16 All dance reel of 4:- 1s & 3s in promenade hold, 2s pass each other LSh with 2M coming up and 2L going down to start and finishing with 2s in original (starting) positions  17-24 3s+2M (at top) & 1s+2L RH across, 2s pass RSh into LH across with other couple finishing in places 25-32 All set, 2M+3M & 2L+3L turn 1½ both hands to change places whilst  1s turn once both hands (slow 4 bar turn), all set
Helensburgh is a town in Argyll and Bute, on the north shore of the Firth of Clyde and the eastern shore of the entrance to the Gareloch. Originally part of Dunbartonshire, under local government reorganisation in 1975 it was then in Dumbarton District, and then re-allocated again in 1996. Helensburgh-born coal miner, Charles Harper, emigrated to New South Wales and became the first manager of the Metropolitan Coal Company before being killed in a mine accident in 1887. In that year, the company took over the mining lease on an area south of Sydney known as Camp Creek. When the coal mine opened the following year, the town was named Helensburgh, possibly named after his birthplace or after his daughter Helen. The two Helensburghs are now sister cities. There is also a Helensburgh in the suburbs of Dunedin, New Zealand.